Roanoke Care & Repair LLC offers a multitude of services, below are just a few!


In need of repairs and upkeep so you can relax at your beach property? RCR can handle that! We pride ourselves on “no job is too small.” And for the bigger jobs, we have contacts within multiple local companies to do the work that requires a certification or special license. Screen replacements and repairs, pressure washing, replacing rusted unsightly locks or hinges and so much more.  


As we know the Outer Banks weather conditions can lead to a lot of issues. Concerned about an upcoming storm and need to prep your home but you don’t have the time to come to your outer banks property to do it? RCR can help! We can close the hurricane shutters, put away outside furniture, and any other preparations necessary.

The storm has passed and want to know if your property was damaged and what repairs may need to be done? RCR can do that too! We offer a post-storm service in which our team will inspect your property, report back to you, and offer solutions for any damages.

We also offer routine maintenance including, but not limited to:
• Replacing your HVAC air filter every three months
• Inspecting for signs of pest or critter issues
• Battery replacements

Safety & Security

Is your property secure? RCR collaborates with vendors working on your property. From conducting a safe and smooth entrance into your home, to following up behind them to assure the doors and windows are locked. We also have an experienced eye for common issues and can offer suggestions for camera locations if needed.

Is your property safe? Properties can become unsafe in many ways that may be too small to notice. Chirping smoke detector, rusted nail worked its way up from decking, railing feeling loose and in need of reinforcement? No problem, we’ve got you covered.