About us

Roanoke Care & Repair LLC was created by Joseph Mozdy and Danielle Vale and based out of Manteo, NC with the aim to assist out of town homeowners with their Outer Banks properties. We are primarily a caretaking business that also offers simple repairs and upkeep. We understand the frustrations of coming to your beach house only to work for a month and never getting to enjoy the time at your beach property. So we offer to do the upkeep for you! 

Get to know us:

Joseph Mozdy

One of the founding members, Joseph, is from a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania where he spent time in Law Enforcement. Moving to the Outer Banks in 2016, he found work in the HVAC field. Joseph has personally remodeled two properties of his own, has knowledge of various fields and trades and has acquired contacts throughout the beach.

Danielle Vale

Danielle, also from a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania, has a lengthy background in customer service, hospitality and management. She will be handling our scheduling, billing and social media.